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The following list shows the variety of areas within which we have provided various consultancy services. We are not adverse to consulting on most areas related to IT, design, training, PR or organisational issues:

Project Type: Client Type
Specifying PC or Mac graphic design systems
Record Industry, Retail , Advertising and Direct Marketing, Design Agencies, Importers
Analysing job functions, writing job descriptions, CV filtering and staff recommendations
Retail, Advertising, Insurance, General IT, Logistics,
Recommending Fashion Design systems, designing implementation programme and subsequently full training programme (including material) for all Design Staff
High Street Retail
Advice and training on software usage - design problems related - i.e optimising usage of modern technology and software for effecient results within the design production and reproduction process. Using many years experience in both the Mac and PC design fields, advice on effecient usage of file formats and which latest software 'gadget' to use for a particular result.
Advertising and design agencies, Retail
Network and email solutions
Logistics organisation, Importing
Departmental structure changes and personel replacement
Retail, design
All database projects are supported by a full consultancy service prior to commencement and during the development and installation process.
Import, recruitment, architects, retail, general IT, design, advertising, direct marketing, internet book sales, multimedia, marketing, periodical publications
Large scale (Mainframe) solutions including systems roll-outs/integration, training
Designing "Project Management Guidelines" to enable standard proceedures for all IT project management
Fund raising - how to do it successfully
Charity organisations
How to utilise newspapers for Public Relations; writing your own press releases.
Charity organisation
How to conduct a survey that gets usable results

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Cruse Control are based in the United Kingdom


CONTACTS! powers e-commerce solution
CONTACTS! is the base system upon which all of Cruse Control's ready made systems are built.

However, it can be used as a stand alone system, handling customer contact and marketing, including holding the data behind Contact Organic's e-commerce solution.


WorkflowPLUS! tidies up
WorkflowPLUS! was originally developed through Cruse Control's extensive graphic design studio experience. It has evolved steadily over the years and is used by a diverse range of businesses who see it as a way to manage their production traffic and invoicing.


Cruse Control - members of the FileMaker Business Alliance since the last millennium!
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