Not just software!

Cruse Control are predominantly FileMaker developers. Although what you see on these pages is mainly software, you may also have noticed from the main banner to the Cruse Control website that we offer much more than that.

All of our ready made "Off The Shelf" databases are customisable by either ourselves, you the client or your own preferred FileMaker developer. In fact the systems are designed with this in mind. They are more than capable of being used without any extra programming, but if you wish to integrate them with anything in particular, you will find them very accommodating.

There are also a number of plug-ins that enable further compatibility and there are links to many of these from this site.

If you have some particular product to link to in mind, contact us and we can arrange for a quote to be given for this work.

We do ask that if you are dependent on compatibility, or some specific functionality, you check this out with ourselves or any relevant third party BEFORE you purchase any of our products so that you are not left with a product that you can not use how you envisaged using it when you purchased it. We do not just want to sell our products, we want you to use them and, with a properly considered purchase (we can help you with this if you are not sure) are confident that you will use them and use them hard!


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