FileMaker Pro 11
FileMaker, Inc. release version 11 of their product line up.
9th March 2010
FileMaker Pro 11 Released.

FileMaker Inc have announced the release of the new FileMaker Pro 11 and FileMaker Server 11 product line ups.

New features include the ability to add graphs (charts) to your layouts, a new quick find feature, 'Quick Reports' enabling you to create reports in FileMaker Pro even if you've never used a database before.

Further new features and enhancements in FileMaker Pro include a new 'Snapshot Link' to enable you to send a snapshot of a found set of data to a colleague also using FileMaker Pro 11 and a new recurring import feature, whereby you can establish a Recurring Import from Microsoft Excel, CSV or TAB files.

Set the recurring import up once, and every time you open your database, the data from your Excel spreadsheet or data file will update automatically in FileMaker Pro, enabling you to use this data to easily create sales reports, track workflow and collaborate with others.

FileMaker Server 11 new features include the ability to save or load schedules to enable rapid deployment of FileMaker Server installations.

Cruse Control's database 3 products, CONTACTS! v3.1, WorkflowPLUS! v3.1 and Publish! v2.5 have each been tested in this version and are compatible.