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FileMaker Pro 10
FileMaker, Inc. release version 10 of their product line up.

5th January 2009
FileMaker release FileMaker Pro 10 product line-up
FileMaker Inc. have announced that they have released FileMaker Pro 10, FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced, FileMaker Server 10 and FileMaker Server 10 Advanced.

New Features in FileMaker Pro 10 include:

Status Toolbar

Put commonly used features at your fingertips with the redesigned interface.

Script Triggers
Create and run scripts prompted by user actions for increased productivity.

Dynamic Reports

Make changes to grouped data on the fly for easier customisation.

Saved Finds

Save a set of find requests and then perform them in a single click for quicker searches.

Send Mail via SMTP
Send email directly through an SMTP server for faster direct distribution; no email client needed.

Updated Templates and New Themes

Choose from 30 updated Starter Solutions and 10 new themes to get started quickly.

Enhanced Quick Start Screen
New "See it, Use it, Learn it" interface to teaches how to use FileMaker Pro. Easily create databases from an existing source like .CSV, Tab, Excel or Bento.

Bento Integration
Import your Bento data directly into FileMaker Pro through the Quick Start Screen or the File Menu.

New Resource Centre
New video tutorials to help you learn about FileMaker Pro 10 – links directly from the Help Menu in your software.

Set Field By Name Script Step
Specify the target field by name with a calculation.

Insert Tab Order
Insert a new tab and your other tabs automatically re-number.

Updated ESS Support
Create live, 2-way connections with external SQL data sources including the latest versions of Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.

Latest Excel File Format Support
Supports .XLSX data import from Microsoft Excel 2007 (Windows) and Excel 2008 (Mac).

Enhanced File Recovery
View a detailed recovery log, select specific file components to recover and get a summary of the recovery process including file status.

IPv6 Support
Complies with Internet Protocol Version 6 standards.

For more information, visit for additional details on the new product line up.

New FileMaker Server 10 Products
FileMaker Server 10 has several new features, including: simplified server management that allows administrators to import and export records using server-based scripts - no more robots are required; an enhanced PHP Site Assistant with 10 PHP Site Assistant themes plus one for the iPhone - to create visually stunning websites in minutes; the ability to send mail via SMTP directly from FileMaker Server 10 without the need for an e-mail client; and a new Database Log Viewer that provides a snapshot of your database logs to quickly pinpoint trouble spots. FileMaker Server 10 Advanced now allows up to 999 users to simultaneously connect to FileMaker Pro databases - about four times the number of live connections in FileMaker Server 10 and in previous versions of FileMaker Server Advanced.

Cruse Control's database 3 products, CONTACTS! v3.1, WorkflowPLUS! v3.1 and Publish! v2.5 have each been tested in this version and are compatible.