FileMaker Pro 13

3rd December 2013

FileMaker 13 released
FileMaker, Inc. have announced that the new Filemaker 13 product line up is now available.

New features include:

Easily create custom business solutions that run in a web browser:

Run your custom business solutions directly in a web browser on a desktop or laptop. No web development skills required.

Desktop-style interaction

Live data updates

Automated processes

Build solutions for iPad and iPhone even faster than before:

Redesigned Layout/Report Assistant

New iOS keyboards

Built-in bar code scanning

New design and development features:

Custom themes

Improved starter solutions

Control object visibility

Latest industry-standard security:

Secure your data wherever you keep it - iPad, iPhone, desktop or server:

Powerful AES 256-bit encryption to protect your data where it lives - whether it's on a FileMaker client or hosted on FileMaker Server.

Visual encryption state indicator - shows secure connections to the server and if it's validated by a third-party certificate.

More details of the FileMaker 13 product line up are available at

CONTACTS! v4.1, WorkflowPLUS! v4.1 and Publish! v3.1 can each use FileMaker Pro 12, FileMaker Pro 13 or FileMaker Pro 14.