FileMaker Pro 14

12th May 2015

FileMaker 14 released

FileMaker, Inc. have announced the new FileMaker 14 product line up. As a quick guide:

New Features in FileMaker Pro 14 and FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced include:

Launch Center — Visually organize all your FileMaker solutions in one convenient screen.

Button bar — Create groups of buttons to use for navigation or in toolbars.

Button icons — Get 140 professionally designed icons to use in buttons to represent a variety of tasks.

Top and bottom navigation parts — Your navigation is always visible when scrolling through layouts.

New Features in FileMaker Go 14 for iPad and iPhone include:

New user interface — Get an iOS 8-style look for a consistent user experience. Plus, make your solutions full screen by hiding the user interface.

Set screen orientation — Lock the orientation of your layout in to build layouts specifically for portrait or landscape views.

Enhanced signature capture — Display the signature capture screen in portrait view as well as landscape.

Video and audio playback control — Play videos in a container field as well as in full screen.

Enable touch keyboards — Control whether or not the keyboard appears in your layout.

Rich text editing — Choose the size, color, and font of your text — includes bold, underline, and italics options.

New Features in FileMaker Server 14 include:

New features to use FileMaker solutions in a mobile browser and to stay connected to your data.

FileMaker Web Direct mobile browser support — Use your mobile tablet to get the power of a FileMaker desktop solution delivered in a mobile web browser.

Reconnect to server — If the network connection or the server goes down FileMaker Pro automatically reconnects to FileMaker Server when it’s available again.

Security enhancements — Set password strength and set up a password hint in the FileMaker Server Admin Console.

Standby server — If your primary server ever goes down, experienced server administrators can type in a set of commands via the Command Line Interface to switch over to the standby server.

More information on these features are available at the following web locations:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Paul Cruse

Managing Director
Cruse Control Databases Limited