Privacy Statement

This page is to reassure you of the privacy of any data that you enter whilst visiting or purchasing form this site.

Naturally, for the use of security and other administrative tasks, personal data will have to be given at various stages of the buying procedure from this site.

Cruse Control does not rent, sell or otherwise disclose any of the information given by visitors to this site except where expressly requested to do so, such as to banks to process credit card information or such. Furthermore, in many cases, Cruse Control are, like any other company, FORBIDDEN to pass on or otherwise disclose certain information and are expected to take all reasonable precaution to prevent the unlawful or unintentional disclosure of such information. We will do everything in our powers to ensure that your details are kept safe and are not accessed by any other unnecessary party. We will not pass on your details to any third party for marketing or other similarly related purposes.

If, in addition to this, you wish to be excluded from our own personal mailing list in order that you do not receive occasional news and related special offers from ourselves, please inform us by email at with the word "remove" in the subject line.

We may have to retain certain information on you if you have purchased from our site, but we will not mail to you unless you request at any time to receive such correspondence again, and under no circumstances will we pass on your details to any other company for marketing or other related purposes.

To re-subsribe to the receipt of news and other related items and special offers from us, simply email again at with the words "subscribe" in the subject line and any email address if it is to be different to the one from which you are sending. You will then begin to receive such emails from us again and we still will not pass on your details to any other third party for marketing or other related purposes.

At some stage in the future, if it is something that is requested often and is deemed suitable by ourselves, we may undertake such "third party ventures", but will first ask our existing subscribers if they wish to be included on that list and what kind of things the list is for. We will never mislead and will always seek to protect the privacy of our friends, you, the customer.


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