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Finance your software, lease your infrastructure

Finance and Leasing

Cruse Control are very pleased to announce that, through a finance partner, we are now able to offer very specialised Finance and Leasing options for our clients solutions.

Citilease are a specialist IT funding company and can offer our clients a fully tailored service to work with the solutions that we provide. These finance options are very unusual in that they can be used to pay for software and development costs as well as any hardware and support if that is also needed. In addition, any further development or hardware/software upgrades can be brought into the finance package at a later date. It is even possible to build a warranty into the hardware solution and finance this too.

Finally, many companies prefer to keep IT equipment off the balance sheets and claim against corporation tax for the cost of the monthly payments. This is now possible with software and development costs through this scheme.

In short, the main benefits of the different types of schemes available are as follows:

• Lease software, development, hardware, support or any combination of these.

• Afford the solution now without waiting for cash-flow to improve.

• Tax efficient - off balance sheet lending.

• Upgrade Opportunities - upgrade or further develop, or add new development, software or hardware during the course of the lease without changing monthly budget.

• Build IT systems into operating costs to continuously stay abreast of changing needs and technology.

• Afford the full functionality of the system from day one - no more building solutions in stages.

• Refinance using capital tied up in existing equipment.

• Keep bank lending opportunities open for any other uses.

Details of these schemes, the endless possibilities and some very impressive case studies can be found in the PDF's below. Further details can be found on the CitiLease website.

Explanation PDF

Case Studies PDF

Return On Capital PDF

Citilease Limited Website

I need Acrobat Reader to read the PDF's


Finance and leasing options are offered by Citilease Limited and are subject to status. For terms and conditions of their services, please see Citilease documentation.
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