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New FileMaker 7 Line Boasts New Architecture and Enhanced Relational Database Power.

With More than 100 New Features, FileMaker Pro 7 is the Easiest-to-Use, Most Customizable New Version of FileMaker Ever.

FileMaker Pro 7 is the most significant new version of FileMaker Pro ever, with breakthroughs in ease-of-use, customizability and developer productivity.

The new line up consists of FileMaker Pro 7 (now shipping); FileMaker Developer 7 (now shipping); FileMaker Server 7; FileMaker Server 7 Advanced and FileMaker Mobile 7 (all planned to ship in early summer).

FileMaker Pro 7 lets users import, store and export any file or document - PDFs, Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint files, digital images, video, music and more - within new, flexible Container fields. Also new is the ability to open multiple windows in the same database to give users faster and simultaneous access to different views of their information.

FileMaker Pro 7, for Windows and Mac OS X, has been redesigned using a modern, streamlined relational architecture, which enables users to simplify information management by storing multiple tables within a single file. The new Relationships Graph presents a visual "map" of the database and lets users create and modify relationships with a simple click and drag tool. To keep pace with rich-media management and other sophisticated solutions, FileMaker Pro 7 dramatically expands its data capacity to 8 terabytes per file or 4,000 times the old limit.

New advanced Security, web publishing and more.

Among its many advances, FileMaker Pro 7 delivers these new features to appeal to everyone:

Import, store and export more types of files including pictures, movies, music, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, and more. Easily create a digital library of documents, music and pictures, store proposals within client records, or link schedule files directly to a student.

Get faster access to information by opening multiple windows in the same database at the same time. For example, you can access a customer's record in one window and open another to view information for a different customer at the same time.

Dramatically increase database capacity with an expanded database size (8 terabytes) that is 4,000 times the old limit. Store virtually unlimited amounts of any type of information, including movies, pictures, and more.

Produce easier to read, more informative reports with calculation-based formatting, new background options, and new portal options.

Ensure more accurate data entry and safer updates with the option to confirm record and layout changes before they are saved.

Learn new database techniques from 30 ready-to-use, customizable Starter Solutions that provide a great resource for new ideas.

Extend richer solutions to the web so remote users can access your database through their web browser in a more intuitive interface.

In addition, FileMaker Pro 7 delivers power and productivity for developers and advanced users:

Manage databases faster and easier with the new relational model that allows for the consolidation of multiple tables into one file so they no longer have to be stored in multiple locations - even share scripts and security settings for an entire solution.

More easily create and modify links between data through the new Relationships Graph for a bird's eye view of all the relationships within a given file.

Develop and enhance more powerful databases with new developer features, functions, and calculations with a choice of over 100 new and enhanced developer features.

Data protection using the new, advanced security system by securing your database with accounts names and passwords and assigning custom privileges to each user or group of users.

Other new FileMaker 7 products:

Available now, FileMaker Developer 7 is an enhanced version of FileMaker Pro 7 with integrated developer tools and utilities to help build better databases faster. New custom functions and file maintenance tools, and enhancements to the Database Design Report, script debugger, and customization options, give advanced users and developers the ability to streamline database development and maintenance.

FileMaker Server 7 is high-performance server software that efficiently manages shared database solutions. FileMaker Server 7 will feature a significantly remodeled server architecture that can host millions of data tables and leverage high-performance hard disk storage systems and multi-CPU servers (Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, Windows 2000, and Windows 2003 Server). FileMaker Server 7 will allow users to protect their data with industry standard security features, such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer), and perform live backups of data without interruption to other users. Administrators can leverage existing user accounts with external authentication based on Active Directory or Open Directory. FileMaker plans to provide a preview of the product this spring.

FileMaker Server 7 Advanced, which will replace FileMaker Pro 6 Unlimited, is an enhanced version of FileMaker Server 7 that includes advanced web publishing and connectivity options to efficiently manage shared solutions from desktop to web. FileMaker Server 7 Advanced will support up to 250 FileMaker Pro connections and 100 Web connections. A standards-based web server application, it will allow FileMaker users to instantly publish fully interactive solutions to the web, or build custom web sites with XML and XSLT. Advanced Server 7 also supports ODBC and JDBC so other applications can share FileMaker data or take advantage of other data reporting tools, such as Crystal Reports.

FileMaker Mobile 7 is a companion version of FileMaker designed specifically for Palm OS and Pocket PC (support for Palm OS 5 and Windows Mobile 2003) handhelds that lets users take their information on the road. New within FileMaker Mobile 7 is support for FileMaker Pro based runtime applications and the ability to synchronize multiple devices to the desktop database. Users may also run scripts within FileMaker Pro before and after synchronization, all of which allows for a wide variety of powerful solutions within both business and education settings.

Pricing and Availability.

FileMaker Pro 7 is available now at £219/£119 upgrade (U.K. suggested list price).

FileMaker Developer 7 is also available now at £379/£314 after £65 upgrade rebate (U.K., SLP). FileMaker plans to ship FileMaker Pro 7- compatible versions of its Applications, Tasks and Meetings planned by May.

FileMaker Extends Upgrade Program for 2.1 to 5.x users.

FileMaker is also offering owners of early versions of FileMaker an extended upgrade program. For a limited time - until September 17, 2004 - licensed owners of FileMaker Pro 2.1, 3.0, 4.x and 5.x may upgrade to FileMaker Pro 7 at the same low upgrade price that FileMaker 6 owners are eligible for -- UK £119. After September 17, 2004, only licensed owners of FileMaker Pro 6 will be eligible for the UK £119 upgrade price.

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2pm Tues. 9th March 2004
FileMaker Pro 7 released, FileMaker Developer 7 released, FileMaker Server 7 announced, FileMaker Server 7 Advanced announced, FileMaker Mobile 7 announced
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