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Find out how you can benefit from our partnerships with other businesses


Hardware and Support

Square Group

Square Group are the fastest growing authorised Apple reseller and are able to consult on all types of hardware and software, not just for the Mac platform but for PC's and Servers too. In addition to this they also offer Mac and PC support. Used in conjunction with our
Finance and Leasing partner, we can build in the cost of hardware support for your solution. Square can also consult on the specifications of any upgrades that may need to be taken up in order to bring all of your systems up to full functionality with our solutions.



Along with our partnership with
CitiLease Limited as seen on our Finance and Leasing page, Cruse Control have developed a relationship with WorldPay which enables our clients to purchase ready made Cruse Control solutions with a credit card over the Internet. This facility is available from our Store as well as via other links on our site.

This will enable clients to purchase ready made solutions on-line in an instant, often without having to speak to us first! Make sure you get the right solution for your needs and remember, it can always be tailored to perfectly match your growing requirements at a later date, either through your own in-house developer, or with a phone call or email to us at Cruse Control.

Finally, having gone through the procedure ourselves, we can also advise our clients on how to get the acceptance for credit card transactions on their e-commerce website and even build and, if necessary, get the site hosted.

Web Hosting

Cruse Control have a number of preferred partners for the handling of
Web Hosting, dependent on the type of solution required. These too can be tailored in with the Financing of your solution if required. For further details of this, please contact us with your needs.

Phone +44 (0)1923 842 295

Cruse Control are based in the United Kingdom


CONTACTS! powers e-commerce solution
CONTACTS! is the base system upon which all of Cruse Control's ready made systems are built.

However, it can be used as a stand alone system, handling customer contact and marketing, including holding the data behind Contact Organic's e-commerce solution.


WorkflowPLUS! tidies up
WorkflowPLUS! was originally developed through Cruse Control's extensive graphic design studio experience. It has evolved steadily over the years and is used by a diverse range of businesses who see it as a way to manage their production traffic and invoicing.


Publish! books it

Publish! is used by publishers all over the country who wish to manage their Ad Sales and Subscriptions in a FileMaker database.
Publish Booking
Databases, Web, Design, Training, Quark, PowerPoint, Word

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