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How to stay abreast with computer jargon

An adapted article from a previous newsletter that may still be particularly apt as computing technology continues to progress in an ever changing world.


I'm the proud owner of a new computer dictionary - I'm tickled pink - I've been in the industry almost twenty years and it's a subject that continues to grow so fast, one can easily feel left behind. I was getting rather tired of asking everyone around me to explain all the three letter acronyms in town! (Or TLA's as they have come to be known!)

So you're probably thinking - well that's very nice - I hope you enjoy your new dictionary - but what has it to do with me?

Well, whether you are a one man band, a company of around 20 staff, a huge multinational, or any combination in between, there's no getting away from it - at some time or another you would have considered, (and maybe purchased), a computer.

Then, you would have worried about how much you spent on "modern technology"; wondered if you were really getting the most out of it; torn your hair out every time it did not do what you wanted it to do; worried if you were getting the most out of it, worried that it might blow up; wondered if you were getting the most out of it, felt like throwing it out of the window; wondered if you'd wasted your money and wasn't it always quicker the old way? And yes - at some point you even wondered how the heck to turn the thing on!

Then, just as you came to know and trust your computers for word processing and simple spreadsheets, the world goes mad, Desk Top Publishing arrives, everyone has gone picture crazy, and they left Joe Bloggs behind.

You decided to start to catch up and even the daily papers had computer supplements by now. Then it was "MultiMedia" and the Internet and ... STOOOPPP!

Technology overload.

You switch off. The computers go on being used in a trusty old administrative way and if you get a member of staff who knows a bit more than you about computers maybe you'll upgrade some software once in a while.

Well - if this sounds like you - take it from me - you're not alone.

Why else do you think large corporations have computer departments?

No - not so that everyone can complain about how much they cost - but because not everyone who uses computers has the time or inclination to keep up to date with all the latest technology.

But if you don't have the luxury of a computer department - you can at least help yourself and your business a bit more if you follow some simple steps.

Re-confirm to yourself why you got a computer and why you bought the software that you have. Then ask yourself if you've managed to get it to do what you expected. That's not necessarily going to be a quick task, but it will help you confirm where you're at!

Looking up any terminology that you don't understand in the glossaries at the back of the software manuals would also be a great help. (And do the same for any you haven't understood prior to those, if that doesn't help.) ( is also a great help)

Is some training needed? It's usually worth asking for a tailor made training course once you are familiar with the basics of a software package - it's much easier when one learns on a need-to-know basis.

Then, once you and your staff have come up to speed with the software you already own - you will be amazed at how your confidence and enthusiasm for computers will grow.

Then you really will start to get the most out of your investment, and you, and your business, will benefit.

Note: - If you do need help in any area of computing and are not sure where to start looking - call us on 01923 842 295 - and we'll be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Paul Cruse
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